Sizing & About Us

Having been endowed with a larger chest and wanting to wear strapless or backless outfits, I always struggled to find undergarments that supported me. 

Unimpressed with what was on the market and being a dancer, I even turned to sports tape in the hope of finding a solution to not feeling like my boobs would knock me out if I ran or danced during a night on the town. But let me tell you... taking tape off titties is not a comfortable, quick or even cute process, and so the search for a solution to my big boobie problem began. When I found the answer, C.A.M was created!

I also believe the measure of a woman has nothing to do with clothing size so C.A.M. is focused on making all women's purchasing experience positive and equal. That means no categories defined by numbers. Instead, our sizing chart is unique and is tailored to each style of bra we produce and we use positive symbols that all women are familiar with - fruit. So welcome to our fruit bowl!  

~ Ciara