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  • Pair of Sand coloured EGG CUPS
  • Arrangement of 2 Nude, flower-shaped NIPPLE COVERS, a pair of sand-coloured EGG CUPS, and a pair of Sand TITTY TAPE
  • Arrangement of 2 Nude, flower-shaped NIPPLE COVERS, a pair of cocoa-coloured EGG CUPS, and a pair of Cocoa TITTY TAPES
  • Pair of Cocoa-coloured EGG CUPS
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Covers a Mul-tit-ude


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EGG CUPS S2 are DIY boob jobs. They lift, enhance and support your breasts and can be trimmed to suit any outfit and body shape. 

EGG CUPS S2 are 100% durable, have a strong adhesion, are waterproof (yes, WATERPROOF!), supportive, hypoallergenic and made of 95% cotton 5% spandex. They come in sand and cocoa and are available in sizes COCONUTS (D - DD CUP) and PINEAPPLES (E – G CUP).

Each purchase of EGG CUPS S2 contains:

  • 2 x sets of EGG CUPS S2
  • 2 x sets of TIT BITS
  • 2 x sets of nipple covers

What’s the difference between S1 and S2?

One difference between the styles is that S1 are reusable and the adhesive is light-sweat proof. EGG CUPS S2 has improved durability and waterproof adhesion. This means the strong adhesive is suitable for one wear per pair – which is why we sell S2 in a bundle, so you can get multiple wears per purchase!

S1 comes in SAND and BLACK and S2 comes in SAND and COCOA.














  1. Slowly remove the backing from the lower section of the bra.
  2. Raise your breast with one hand and place the lower part of an EGG CUP on the bottom of your breast.
  3. Slowly remove the top section of the backing.
  4. Stretch the top part of the bra and place in an appropriate position on your body to accommodate the neckline of your outfit.
  5. Press down firmly and rub the bra to maximise adhesion.

TIP FOR REMOVAL OF EGG CUPS S2: We recommend the use of vegetable oil or baby oil to assist with removal. Apply the oil to the bra before removing it. Taking a hot shower can also assist with the removal process. It is important to be kind to your skin, because the adhesive is strong so do not rip off the bra as it could cause skin irritation or damage.

  • We don’t recommend that you wear the EGG CUPS S2 for more than 6 - 8 hours and give your beats a break between uses. This is because the adhesive is strong and when taken off, it can remove any dead skin cells so it is best to give your breasts a break before your next application. 
  • EGG CUPS S2 is hypoallergenic but some individuals may experience an allergic reaction. If EGG CUPS causes irritation,please stop using it and contact a medical professional immediately.
  • Always apply to clean and dry skin.
  • Removal of nipple piercings is strongly advised.
  • Wear-test for a short period of time to check for skin irritations or reactions. See below for more information on hypersensitivity.
  • Women who have undergone breast or chest surgeries including breast augmentations, reconstructions or mastectomies should consult a registered medical professional before use.

It is a well known fact that for undetermined reasons certain individuals may be allergic or hypersensitive to cosmetics, materials or any other substances that are harmless to most people. The relatively few people who are subject to such reactions are said to be allergic or hypersensitive.  

To ascertain whether you are allergic or hypersensitive to this product, we recommend you perform a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before your first application. To do this, trim the edge of your Covers a Multitude product (preferably on the bottom or side of the bra) and place the trimmed piece on your skin for a minimum of 30 minutes, regularly checking for any redness or irritation. Do not test the product for any longer than 2 hours. If you feel any redness or irritation occurring, it must be assumed you are allergic to the product and should not use it. If redness or irritation occurs, seek professional medical advice for the affected area.