Beyond Us


My goal has been to ensure that all women with big boobs feel supported (both physically and metaphorically) when they too want to wear strapless or backless outfits, and not feel like their boobs could be swayed by a strong gust of wind.

Chasing this priority has not meant that I've lost sight of the attention that must be given to the effects of production on the planet, and the need to minimise waste.

I've investigated other material options but unfortunately nothing has proven to be as durable and safe for women to wear as silicone. But I'm determined to find a solution and conscious of the need to continue looking for a material compound that is safe, durable and recyclable.

If anyone has knowledge in this area or an idea to share, please contact me to discuss it further. 

For the meantime, I take pride in our minimalistic packaging. We send C.A.M. with the bare minimum and necessary backing. No excess packaging or unnecessary frills here.

To minimise our carbon footprint, C.A.M uses a local postage company that is investigating whether recyclable satchels and bubblewrap can be sourced. 


~ Ciara, Founder of C.A.M.